Congratulations! YOU have been selected to participate to Dr Vejay Vad’s CBD study!!!!!

please review the requirements needed below, if you are able to comply with Dr Vad’s Team then please complete the registration process below and your EdiPro product will be sent and you can start the study

If you are interested in participating in this “White Paper” study, Dr Vad's team will require the following:

  1. You must be able to answer survey questions online

  2. You must be in pain

  3. You must complete the registration process below by agreeing to the on-line consent form

  4. As soon as it is Completed Dr Vad’s Team through Pro Players Elite Network will send you a survey form to set a base line

  5. A week into the study Dr Vad’s Team through Pro Players Elite Networkon will send out another survey check in and to make sure participants are to being compliant

  6. Then then EdiPro will send out the second of your product to complete the 30 day “White Paper” study

  7. After 30 days you must fill out and complete the online survey follow up form

You must agree to use the EdiPro CBD Inhaler and drink the EdiPro CBD Night Time drink every day as instructed by Dr. Vad’s team

If you are willing to follow all these steps please register here.