A message from the Harvard Football Player’s Health Study:

Overview: The Football Players Health Study is a comprehensive research program at Harvard University dedicated to former player health. The goal of the Study is not only to better understand the risks of playing pro football, but also to identify risks that are potentially reversible or preventable and develop interventions to improve health. The research is player-led, focusing on those conditions and injuries that former players themselves have identified as most impactful.


Q1: Start participating in the Study today by filling out our First Health and Wellness Questionnaire- Q1. This survey examines multiple areas of player health along with important playing and demographic characteristics, and is the foundation of our research program. Thank you to the nearly 4,000 former players who have already completed it!



Q2: If you’ve already participated in Q1, please complete our Second Health and Wellness Questionnaire- Q2. This further explores those health areas that Q1 identified as most critical. It also examines how individual playing experiences impact outcomes and how player health changes over time. See the video below for more information.


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To learn more about the Study or start participating, click above links or call us directly at

 (617) 432-5000.