Billy Kilmer

Listen to Billy Kilmer talk about:

How choose to attend UCLA

His memories of playing basketball at UCLA for coaching legend John Wooden

How he spurned Al Davis by not going to USC and then not signing with the AFL’s Los Angeles Chargers

Memories of he YA Tittle trade to the New York Giants and playing the Giants the week before the trade and what HOFer Sam Huff was yelling to the defense when Tittle got into the game

Why George Halas pulled Gale Sayers in the famous game vs the 49ers when Sayers scored 6 touchdowns

Kilmer’s role in the famous follies play when Minnesota Vikings player Jim Marshall ran the wrong way after picking up a Kilmer fumble

How Kilmer ended up with the Washington Redskins and his first call with HOF Head Coach George Allen after the trade

Memories of Head Coach George Allen

How George Allen was fixated on beating the Dallas Cowboys and the things he would do and say to motive the Washington Redskins

Memories of Washington Redskin greats Larry brown, Roy Jefferson, Charlie Taylor and  John Wilber

Memories of playing against those legendary defenses of Minnesota Viking sand  Los Angeles Rams of the 1970’s


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