Tom Flores

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 Listen to former Oakland Raider player and NFL Head Coach Tom Flores talk about…….

  • How he became a Oakland Raider in 1960

  • Memories of the AFL’s first year in 1960

  • Memories of when HOF owner Al Davis became Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders

  • Being traded to the Buffalo Bills

  • Finishing his playing career with the Super Bowl champion Kansans City Chiefs

  • Playing for HOF Head Coach Hank Stram in Kansas City

  • Starting his coaching career as assistant with the Oakland Raiders

  • Becoming the Oakland Raiders Head coach

  • Winning Super Bowl 15 vs the Philadelphia Eagles

  • Relationship with QB Jim Plunkett

  • Winning Super Bowl 18 vs the Washington Redskins

  • Relationship with HOF owner Al Davis

  • The Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas

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