DD Lewis

Listen to former Dallas Cowboy great DD Lewis talk about:

  • Choosing to attend  Mississippi State
  • Memories of how he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys
  • Memories of how he made the Dallas Cowboys his rookie year
  • Memories of spending time in the Military and how it affected him
  • Memories of playing with Dallas Cowboy greats LB Chuck Howley, LB Lee Roy Jordan, LB Dave Edwards,  HOF DT Bob Lilley, DT Jethro Pugh, DE Larry Cole, DB Mel Renfro, HOF CB Herb Adderley, DB Cliff Harris, HOF RB Tony Dorsett, QB Don Meredith, QB Craig Morten, HOF QB Rodger Staubach, HOF TE Jackie Smith, RB Calvin Hill, DE Ed Jones, and DE Harvey Martin
  • Memories of trying to coverage HOF RB OJ Simpson in a game
  • Plying for HOF  Head Coach Tom Landry
  • His thoughts on being part of “The Domesday Defense”
  • How he is known for saying “There is a hole in Cowboy Stadium so God can watch his favorite team play”
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