Ross Browner

Listen to Ross Browner talk about:

Memories of how he ended up at Norte Dame

Being on the cover of Sports Illustrated while at Norte Dame

Memories of how Norte dames 3rd string QB got a chance to play, his name Joe Montana

Memories of The famous “Green jersey game” vs USC

The rivalry between USC and Norte Dame

Memories of his role in the story of “Rudy” and how accurate it was

The incredible Browner family and how all 6 boys received D1 football scholarships – 3 to ND, 2 to USC, 1 to Georgia

Draft day memories

Memories of DE Coy bacon and playing against HOF RB Earl Campbell in both college and in the NFL

Playing against those great Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Oilers teams in the late 70’s

Memories of playing for HOF player and Head Coach Forest Gregg

Memories of playing with HOF OT Anthony Munoz

Memories of playing in the legendary “Freezer” game vs the San Diego Chargers

Memories of Super Bowl 16 vs the San Francisco 49ers and former Norte Dame teammate and HOF QB Joe Montana

Memories of the 1987 NFL players strike

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