Brent Novoselsky

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Listen to former NFL TE Brent Novoselsky talk about


How he ended up in the Ivey League school playing football at Penn


Thoughts about How his family connections got him a free agent tryout with the Bears


Memories of when he was playing with the Bears and how he choose number 89 which was later retired


Memories of how he ended up with the Minnesota Vikings


Thoughts on ended the season scoring a TD on Monday night football vs the Bengals knocking the Packers out of the playoffs after cutting him at the start of the season


Memories of playing with DT William “ The Fridge “ Perry, Dave Duerson


Memories of meeting HOF RB Walter Payton


Growing up as a Chicago Bear fan, Memories of playing at Lambeau Field for the first time


Memories of playing for the Minnesota Vikings during the Herschel Walker


Memories of a career of being a “bubble guy”


Memories of turning Jerry Jones down and not signing with the Dallas Cowboys  


Memories of the defensive coaching staff while playing with the Vikings Pete Carroll, Monte Kiffin, Paul Wiggin and Floyd Peters


Memories of playing with QB Sean Salisbury and Esera Tuaolo


What he is doing now

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