Jack Youngblood


Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood talks about…….


How he ended up going to college at Florida


Memories of playing at Florida and the rivalries with Georgia and Florida St


Memories from draft day


Going to Los Angles for the first time


Playing with HOF Merlin Olsen, HOF Decon Jones, Coy Bacon


Memories of Head Coach Chuck Knox


Playing with Roman Gabriel, John Hadl, Fred Dryer, HOF Joe Namath, HOF Jackie Slater, HOF Tom Mack


Playing against HOF Ron Yary, HOF Rayfeild Wright, HOF Dan Dierdorf,


Breaking his leg in the 1979 playoffs vs Dallas then fibishing the game, playing the NFL championship game vs Tampa and then playing in the Super Bowl on it


Thoughts of playing entire 14 year career with Rams


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