Jerry Kramer

Listen to HOF offensive lineman Jerry Kramer talk about:

  • How he ended up playing college football at Idaho and memories from playing there
  • Years after being coach by Vince Lombardi he was still trying to understand his motivation methods
  • Memories of HOF Head Coach Vince Lombardi and when he first took over as Head Coach
  • Draft day memories and signing his first contract with the Packers
  • That 1958 draft call HOF RB Jim Taylor and HOF LB Ray Nitschke
  • Memories of playing with HOF QB Bart Starr
  • Memories of the famous “Power Sweep” and how special the offensive line was
  • Memories of why HOF C Jim Ringo was traded to the Eagles
  • Memories of playing the Chicago Bears
  • Thoughts on how special the Green Bay Packers fans are and memories of his last game as a Packer
  • Memories of writing “Instant Replay” with Dick Schaap
  • Memories of recording everything before Super Bowl 2 after a team meeting where Coach Lombardi mentioned this was his last game
  • Thoughts of finally getting into the HOF
Brad LeggettComment