Steve Bartkowski

Listen to former NFL QB Steve Bratkowski talk about: 


  • Why he choose to Cal
  • Memories of playing both football and baseball while at Cal
  • Memories of coach  Paul Hacket helped prepare him for his senior year
  • Memories of being the MVP of the Senior Bowl
  • Draft day memories and finding out he would be the first pick of the 1975 draft
  • Memories of being frustrated with his agent lead him to hire a resident advisor Leigh Steinberg to handle his contract negotiations
  • Memories of playing with the Falcons
  • Memories of playing with Falcon legend Tommy Nobis, long time OT Mike Kenn, RB William Andrews, 
  • Memories of Green Bay Packer Mike Butler laid the wood to him
  • Thoughts on the rules now a days to protect the QB’s
  • What he’s doing now
Brad LeggettComment