Richard Big Daddy Salgado


Richard “Big Daddy’ Salgado

Successful businessman “Big Daddy” Salgado will tell you that in his life, it has been all about timing… meeting the right people in the right place at the right time. His passion for life is evident in all he does!

My Elite Network: Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. What you do is very unique…how did you get started in the insurance business?

Richard “Big Daddy” Salgado: It kind of got it handed to me by accident - I guess or by luck. A good friend of mine, named Rob, brought me into the business. At that time, he was living in New York and decided to move to Texas. He had an insurance business catering to professional athletes. So, I stepped in and started working real hard. It took me awhile. Players knew they needed to protect themselves and to protect their careers. It was a lot of door banging and a lot of phone calls - I was like Waldo - everywhere I needed to be… I was there. I've made myself known. It's funny… a lot of people don't feel uncomfortable talking about insurance. You have to let people know it’s about them and it really is about helping them…protecting their assets, their gifts.

My Elite Network: How did you get the nickname “Big Daddy”?

Richard “Big Daddy” Salgado: I went to high school in Long Island New York.  I was the average jock.  But, I was fortunate enough to play on a very good football team. While I was playing, we received a lot of recognition. We were the Long Island Champions. From there, I went to Milford Academy, which is a prep school, and then to the University of Maryland on a football scholarship. I got the nickname when I was in college. A teammate of mine called me “Big Daddy” and it just stuck.  I can't get rid of it, no matter how much I've tried. Everybody knows it, it’s easy to remember.


My Elite Network: Everyone has a gift area or a secret talent…a “super power.” What do you believe is your super power?

Richard “Big Daddy” Salgado: Throughout my life, I've been through a lot of ups and downs – I had a brain aneurism in 2008. So, keeping that in mind I would say durability. Staying focused. Overcoming anything that comes my way.

My Elite Network: Do you have a mantra or a personal belief that keeps you going?

Richard “Big Daddy” Salgado: I sure do. I believe that a strong mind will survive. If you believe in something and you are strong minded and focused -  you can accomplish great things.  Sometimes when I need to eliminate distractions, I go to the beach and reflect on all I have done and what I still want and choose to do. I think about this life, and for me, today, I would say I have no complaints because I have been able to do some of the greatest things in the world. I’m so grateful. But, I’m always working… always improving. I recently got married and my wife, Fay, is very good at reminding me to stay warm, to listen and to just be myself. I’m a lucky guy.

My Elite Network: What non-profits are you currently involved in?

Richard “Big Daddy” Salgado: My wife and I are involved in a few. It’s so important to give back. We started a football camp, “Big Daddy’s Football Camp” and we also host “Big Daddy’s Celebrity Golf Classic” which supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. St. Jude is close to our hearts. We became very close to one of the patients, who is now cancer free. It’s amazing