Steve Bono

Listen to former NFL QB Steve Bono talk about :


  • how he ended up at UCLA and memories of his time there
  • Memories of walking down the LA Coliseum tunnel before a game thoughts on UCLA moving to The Rose Bowl
  • The rivalry between UCLA and USC
  • Draft day memories and getting that call from the Vikings
  • Playing during the 1987 NFL player strike for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • How he felt getting a call from the 49ers  
  • The QB room in San Francisco with Coach Mike Holmgren, HOF QB Joe Montana, and HOF QB Steve Young
  • Playing with HOF WR Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Tom Rathman, TE Wesley Walls, HOF RB Marcus Allen, HOF QB Brett Farve,  
  • How he ended up going to the Kansas City Chiefs and making the Pro Bowl  
  • Playing for the Carolina Panthers and his QB coach Bill Musgrave who was his back up in San Francisco
  • Bud Grant, Chuck Knoll, George Seifert, Mike Holmgren, Marty Schottenheimer, Dick Vermeil
  • What he is doing now
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