PFRPA Vision Plan!

Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA) is pleased to announce the launch of the PFRPA Vision Plan! The PFRPA Board of Directors approved the vision coverage, effective January 1, 2019, solely for retired NFL players. In partnership with VSP Vision Care, this newly-established benefit will be available to you as a class member of the NFL Image and Likeness Lawsuit Settlement (Dryer, et al. v. National Football League).


** Open enrollment begins today! Please see Important Details. **


The PFRPA Vision Plan will be administered by VSP, the largest vision insurance company in the United States. Highlights of the vision coverage are provided below, but please also see the attached Benefits Summary for additional information.


PFRPA Vision Plan Highlights

  • Vision Benefit Option: Choice of prescription glasses or an annual supply of contact lenses, every calendar year. Either option comes with $0 copay.

  • Eye exam coverage: $0 copay for in-network exam and contact lens exam, every calendar year. 

  • Add-ons: Discounts available on additional exams; premium or custom progressive lenses; and frames over the coverage allowance. Additional savings included in attachment.

  • Available only for retired NFL players (no dependent coverage is available).

Important Details

  • How to Apply:

    • Online Application: Click Here  or enter that link into your browser to access the online application. If you are enrolled in the PFRPA Dental Plan, please refer to your issued ID card and have your Insured ID# ready, as you will need to enter it. If you don’t have your ID card or you’re not enrolled in the PFRPA Dental Plan, please contact PFRPA Customer Service to apply for vision coverage and dental coverage, if interested.

    • PFRPA Customer Service: Call 855-497-6675 and select prompt 2 to speak with a customer service agent that will be able to assist you with applying. You can utilize this option if you are enrolled or not enrolled in the PFRPA Dental Plan. If you are not enrolled, you will need to contact customer service to apply for vision coverage and dental coverage if interested.

    • Additional Option: It’s strongly urged to sign up via online form or customer service, but if you need a paper application, contact PFRPA at 703-415-1500.

  • If enrolled by December 14, 2018, you will receive your Welcome Packet with ID card prior to plan start.

  • Your vision coverage may expire without notice if not utilized within a year of enrollment. If this happens, you can renew vision coverage by contacting PFRPA.

PFRPA is committed to the betterment of all retired NFL players and will continue to work for you.


Thank you,


PFRPA Board of Directors

Jim Brown, Chairman  ●  Dave Robinson, Vice-Chairman     Darrell Thompson, Secretary

Billy Joe DuPree  ●  Mike Haynes  ●  Ron Mix  ●  Mike Singletary  ●  Jackie Slater  ●  Jack Youngblood