Brett Miller


Listen to former NFL offensive lineman Brett Miller talk about …….


How he ended up at Glendale College then at the University of Iowa and memories of playing there


memories from Legendary Head Coach Haden Frye recruiting him at his house


The First time going to Iowa after sighing his letter of intent  


The historic “Pink Locker-room “ visitors dress in at Iowa


Memories of playing for newly appointed oline coach Kirk Ferentz


Memories of playing in a Rose Bowl while at Iowa


Draft day memories and how he got the call from the Atlanta Falcons


That oline meeting room in Atlanta with All Pro OT Mike Kenn, long time C Jeff van Note, All Pro OG RC Thielemann and All Pro OG Bill Fralic



Memories of playing with All Pro RB William Andrews, OT James Fitzpatrick, DT Joe Phillips, DT Marty Lyons, DT Dennis Byrd, All Pro RB Freeman McNeil, RB Brad Baxter


How he ended up with the San Diego Chargers


How he ended up in New York with the Jets


Memories with the Jets of DC Pete Carroll


What he’s doing now

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