Bubba McDowell


Listen to former University of Miami and Houston Oiler  Bubba McDowell talk about


How he ended up playing at the university of Miami


Memories of playing at the U


Convicts vs Catholics and wearing the camos off the plane before the Fiesta Bowl  



Draft day memories being drafted by the Houston Oilers


Memories of Having Nick Sabin as his secondary coach his rookie year in Houston


Memories of playing for HC Jerry Glanville


Thoughts of the run and shoot offensive


Memories of playing on those great Houston Oiler teams in the early 1990’s


Memories of when Buddy Ryan became the defensive coordinator of the Oilers


Memories of when Buddy Ryan threw a punch on the sideline during a game at OC Kevin Gilbride


How he ended up with the expansion Carolina Panthers


Memories of his first NFL interception playing against the Steelers


What he is doing now


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