Chris Dishman

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List to former All Pro Db Chris Dishman talk about


During his time at Purdue did he think the NFL was a possibility


Draft day memories and getting that call from the Houston Oilers


Having Nick Sabin as his secondary coach at Houston his first year there


His welcome to the NFL moment seeing Heisman trophy wining and Houston Oiler RB Mike Rozier smoking a cigarette in the locker room


Memories of playing for defensive coordinator Jerry Glanville, Defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan,


What were his thoughts of the Run and Shoot offense


Why those great Houston oiler teams couldn’t get over the hump


Memories of when buddy Ryan threw a punch at offensive coordinator Kevin gilbrite



Memories of how a lesson he learned by not preparing himself for New York Jet WR Wesley Walker his rookie year thought him how important it was to have film study of his opponents and the keys he had on Jerry Rice. Michael Irvin, Andre Reed


How he ended up with the Washington Redskins and the rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys


Memories of playing with HOF CB Darrel Green


The playoff game vs the Buffalo Bills known as “The Comeback”


How he got involved in the rodeo circuit and how dealing with horses prepared him for coaching


What is he doing now

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