George Starke

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Listen to former Washington Redskin George Starke talk about

How he chose to attend Columbia and memories of how Norte Dame tried recruiting him

Draft day memories and how he learned the Washington Redskins drafted

Memories of HOF Head Coach George Allen

How  HOF Head Coach Hank Stram tried hiding him from other NFL teams

Memories of the “Over The Hill Gang”

What he learned from the veteran offensive lineman like John Wilbur

The only time he didn’t prepare for his opponent vs the Raiders HOF DE Howie Long

How were HOF Head Coach’s George Allen and  Joe Gibbs similar and different

Memories of the 1982 strike year “The Smurfs” and “The Hogs”

Where the name “The Hogs” came from

The 1982 NFC championship game vs the Dallas Cowboys and running the same play 14 times in a row

Memories of “The 5 O’clock Club”

What he is doing now

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