Greg Kragen

Listen to former All Pro defensive lineman Greg Kragen talk about: 


  • How he ended up at Utah State
  • While at Utah State he had both future NFL Defensive line coaches Rod Marinelli and Mike Waufle as his coach
  • Memories of the NFL combine and how he ended up in camp with the Denver Broncos
  • How he made the Denver Broncos after being released
  • Memories of playing with HOF QB John Elway, C Keith Kartz, HOF QB Joe Montanta, HOF RB Marcus Allen, LB Sam Millis, 
  • Making the Pro Bowl in 1988
  • How he ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Memories of going back to Mile High stadium after playing there for 9 years as a Chief which was the legendary Monday Night game Elway vs Montana
  • Memories of finishing his career with the expansion Carolina panthers
  • What he is doing now 
  • Memories of how special it was to watch his son Kyle play college football at Cal 
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