Mike Barber


List former Houston Oiler TE Mike Barber talk about


How he ended up at Louisiana Tech  memories from his time there


Playing at La Tech with future NFL All Pro WR Rodger Carr, WR Pat Tilley, FB Roland Harper, HOF DE  Fred Dean


Draft day memories and how he got the call from the Houston Oiler Head Coach Bum Phillips


Memories of his special relationship with Oiler Head Coach Bum Philips


Being roommates in training camp with rookie HOF WR Steve Largent


Memories of playing with QB Dan Pastorini, C Carl Mauck, HOF DE Elvin Beatham, HOF NG Curly Culp, HOF LB Robert Brazile, MLB Gergg Bingham, HOF RB Earl Campbell, HOF RB Eric Dickerson


The 1978 season of “ The Luv You Blue” Oilers and how much fun it was


Playing against those great Pittsburgh Steelers teas of the late 70’s


How he finished his career with the  Los Angeles Rams and memories of his time there


His amazing journey to what he’s doing now to make a difference


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