Sean Jones


My Elite Network:How did you find out that the Raiders were drafting you?

Sean Jones: I had no idea that would work out. Coach Earl Leggett came to see me to work me out. He had this disgusted look on his face as he worked me out. All he said to me was, “Good luck son,” and he left. Just like that. So, when I got the call I was shocked.

My Elite Network: What was it like the first time you walked into the Raider locker room?

Sean Jones: It was like a museum of what the league is all about. Incredible players, intense players, so much talent on one team.  As a young player, you didn't know what to do, but you figured out pretty quickly what not to say. You speak when spoken to. It was intimidating, and then you realize that these guys were there to help you, and they did. Guys like Matt Millen who took me under his wing , and Howie Long. I lived with Howie for over a year. It’s all about family - that’s how I look at the Raiders - as my family.

My Elite Network: Do you have a favorite memory of Al Davis?  

Sean Jones: I double dipped with Al.  I played for him and then I went back to work for him. So, as a player I saw one side of him and then working in the front office, I saw another side. I learned so much from Al. He was a standup guy. You always knew were you stood with him.

My Elite Network: When did you realize that you could play in the NFL?  

Sean Jones: When you're around people that are really great at what they do, it makes you better.  You know what the expectations are, and I realized pretty quickly that if I concentrated and focused on always being better, then I could be pretty good player.

My Elite Network: After the Raiders…you went to the Oilers and then to Green Bay, thoughts about those two teams?

Sean Jones: Being on the Raiders and learning from those guys helped make my career. They prepared me for the Oilers and then playing with Green Bay and Brett Farve.  Brett sharpened me. I was blessed to have played and learned from some amazing athletes.

My Elite Network: What was it like playing with Brett Farve?

Sean Jones: Probably the most relatable guy I've played with - a good ole boy. He was down to earth and just a great, great quarterback. We would sit in the locker room and trade stories for hours.

My Elite Network: What do you hope your teammates will remember about you?

Sean Jones: I hope they think of me as a good teammate. I was always there for my team, I was the kind of guy who took his work seriously and could be counted on.

My Elite Network: What are you involved with now?

Sean Jones: I’ve always been involved in one way or another with money - sort of a money manager or financial consultant. I'm on television or the radio about five days a week. I'm also in law school.  I've always wanted to keep the brain pumping a little bit. I attend Thurgood Marshall and I enjoy being around the young kids in my classes. Keeping up with three kids also keeps me busy!

Author: Celi Leggett
Recently retired from a successful 25 year career in education/administration, Celi Leggett, is known as an amateur photographer being featured in several Mississippi Cookbooks and Colorado College sports publications. Her eye for detail and personal relationship skills bring a sense of thoughtfulness to her writing.