Steve Largent

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Pro Players Elite Network: Why did you choose to attend the University of Tulsa?

Steve Largent: I was a wide receiver in high school and Tulsa was the only school in the vicinity that was still throwing the football. Naturally, I just gravitated towards that school, it also had a good reputation for academics.

Pro Players Elite Network: How did you find out that you were drafted into the NFL?

Steve Largent: It was in May, and I found out by happenstance, I heard from a teammate that I was drafted in the fourth round. I think there was like six or seven players drafted off my team that year. The Houston Oilers drafted me, but there was no expectation for me to move to Houston or learn the system before training camp started. I graduated from college at the end of May and then worked out all summer with Howard Twilley who was playing for the Miami Dolphins.  I got in pretty good shape. I went down to camp and started learning the system and ended up having a pretty bad training camp. I was playing for Houston when Bum Phillips was there. I did end up on the waiver wire, at that time it was called the "recallable waiver wire." I ended up being traded to Seattle the first year of their franchise. Fortunately for me, Seattle hired my former offensive coordinator at the University of Tulsa, Jerry Rhome. So, Seattle implemented our entire passing game from Tulsa into the Seahawks game plan. Most of the plays were the same, it was perfect for me.

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Pro Players Elite Network: Do you have a favorite memory from playing with the Seahawks?

Steve Largent:  Oh yeah. One of my favorite memories was the first time we beat the Denver Broncos.  Another great memory is playing with all the guys who were on that team the first couple of years - Norm Evans, Sherman Smith, Dave Brown, Jim Zorn and others. They were just a lot of good people and good football players. They really laid the groundwork for the future of the team. I keep in touch with a whole lot of them.

Pro Players Elite Network: Where is you HOF bust?

Steve Largent: I think I gave it to the University of Tulsa. That was a long time ago, I need to find out where they have it.

Pro Players Elite Network: Do you have a favorite memory from being inducted into the Hall of Fame?

Steve Largent: I remember how hot it was. It's a lot different now than when I was inducted in 1990. Now they help guys attend financially. So, there may be may be 200 guys who come. When I was inducted, there was maybe 30 guys that came back to that induction ceremony.  I remember how hot it was, and of course, we had to wear a coat and tie.

Pro Players Elite Network: How did you get involved in politics?

Steve Largent: That was my wife's idea.  She's the one who thought it would be a good idea for me to run for Congress - I didn't think it was a good idea. But, I listened to her and she turned out to be right. It was scary, because I was honest with people and told them that I didn't really follow politics and I didn't know a lot about it. But I had a set of beliefs and if people had the same type of beliefs and thought the same as I did as to where we should be going as a nation and as a government, then they should vote for me. I was just totally honest. I did tell my wife that if we win - great.  And if we didn't win, I never want to talk about it again. So, I ran and won.

Pro Players Elite Network: How did you meet your wife?

Steve Largent: We met in high school. We started dating when we were juniors and then we got married our junior year in college. It will be 43 years in January.

Pro Players Elite Network: What do you think you offer other people?

Steve Largent: I have tried to be honest and straightforward in all the things I say and do. There are no tricks and when I give you my word, it means something. Beyond that I would say that when somebody had me as a teammate, they had a guy who was going to give 100%. I would do my homework and play with a lot of gusto, enthusiasm, and enjoyment. That's what I brought to my team and that's what I brought to Congress.

Pro Players Elite Network: What values do you hope your children have learned from you and your wife?

Steve Largent:  My wife and I are both believers and we have tried to be a positive influence for our children. It is important to us that they know the Lord and his values. That's the core of our belief system, our faith in God and faith in His Word. We have tried to pass those values along to our children and our grandchildren.

Pro Players Elite Network: You have accomplished so much, have you ever thought about writing a book?

Steve Largent:  I have thought about it for about 20 years. I think next year I'm going to be doing that. But, I think it will be a little bit different. Jim Zorn, my best friend and former teammate, and I have talked about writing a book together.

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Author: Celi Leggett
Recently retired from a successful 25 year career in education/administration, Celi Leggett, is known as an amateur photographer being featured in several Mississippi Cookbooks and Colorado College sports publications. Her eye for detail and personal relationship skills bring a sense of thoughtfulness to her writing.