Tom Flick


Listen to former NFL QB Tom Flick talk about:


  • Memories of how he ended up playing at the University of Washington and legendary Washington coach Don James

  • Memories from his time at Washington and playing in the Rose Bowl

  • Draft Day memories and getting that call from the Washing Redskins

  • Memories of playing for HOF Head Coach Joe Gibbs

  • Memories of playing with the New England Patriots and thoughts on 1982 NFL player strike

  • Being involved in the historic “Snow Plow game” ducring the 1982 season

  • Playing for the Cleveland Browns and memories of the Dawg Pound

  • Playing with the San Diego Chargers and Ar Coryell

  • Memories of long time equipment manager Sid Brooks, HC Don Coryell, HOF OG John Hannah, HOF QB Dan Fouts, HOF TE Kellen Winslow,

  • Finishing his career with the New York Jets

  • What he is doing now


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