Garin Veris

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Listen to former Stanford and New England Patriot defensive lineman Garin Veris talk about


How  he choose to attend Stanford and memories from playing there


Being recruited by Ohio State coach Nick Sabin


Memories of his Stanford teammate HOF QB John Elway


Draft day memories and receiving that call from the New England Patriots


The transition from playing at Stanford to playing in the NFL


Playing for New England Patriot d line coach Eddie Khayat


Memories from playing with HOF OG John Hannah and Super-Agent OG Tom Condon in New England


Memories of playing in the Super Bowl his rookie year vs the Chicago Bears


Memories of GM Billy Sullivan getting punched in the LA Coliseum tunnel by Matt Millen after the AFC Championship game


Memories of the 1987 NFL player strike as a player rep


Being part of the Freeman Mcneil free agency lawsuit vs the NFL


What he is doing now


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