Ralph Cindrich

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Listen to former Pitt Panther, former NFL LB and Super-Agent Ralph Cindrich talk about


Memories of how he choose to attend Pitt and from his time there


Memories of the rivalry with Penn State and his relationship with  Joe Paterno 


Draft day memories and how he learned the Atlanta Falcons drafted him


Memories of playing with QB Jim Plunkett, All Pro MLB Randy Gradishar, All Pro LB Tom Jackson, HOF HB Floyd Little, All Pro RB Otis Armstrong, DE John Matszak,



Memories of playing against those great Miami Dolphin teams during there undefeated team and the Bills with OJ Simpson


Memories of both Head Coaches Sid Gilman and Bum Phillips while playing for the Houston Oilers


How he ended up playing for the Denver Broncos and how they used him for information playing against the Oilers


Finishing his career back with the Oilers and going to Law school during the season


How he became a Sports Agent


Memories of how guys in the locker room of how guys would could to him with questions on contract negotiations


Memories of HC Sid Gillman talking to the team about QB Dan Pastorini's  soon to be wife appearing in Play Boy magazine and what the locker room did


Who was his First client in 1977 and then dealing with the Detroit Lions on his contract 


Representing 1st round pick Mark May and dealing with GM Bobby Bethard  


Over the years representing clients like All Pro OT Will Wolford, All Pro C Kent Hull, Reggie McKenzie, Raleigh McKenzie, All Pro OG Bill Fralic, All Pro WR Al Toon, All Pro OT Paul Gruber,


Thoughts on holding out his clients during negotiations


Bill Fralic’s incredible contract and how it happened


Memories of negotiating with Hall of Fame owner Al Davis


How are things different now for agents then when you were involved with drafted players being “slotted”


As a agent and former player how did you advise your clients in dealing with the NFL player Strike in 82 and 87


Memories of how that 87 NFL player strike gave QB Steve Bono a long NFL career and his dad was a Union Guy


As a agent how did Free Agency changed the business


Why he didn’t have any clients play in the USFL


Which NFL owners did you think were more fare then others?


Dealing with Colt Owner Bob Irsay, GM Bill Polian, GM Ron Wolfe, GM Jim Finks, GM George Young, Owner/GM Jerry Jones


What client did you think the deal would never get done


What he’s doing now


As a agent and former NFL player thoughts on concussion lawsuit


Why he wrote an NFL Brawler and his behind the scenes stories of what happened dealing with NFL owners and GM’s


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